HEADS UP! Communications for City League Adults!

Hello and welcome to the 2024 City League season!  We hope your player has a wonderful time this year, we are going to try out some new fun activities and build on the ones we already have. 

We are at the stage where we start forming divisions and teams so I wanted to make sure you get my emails.  Today I will be sending out a general email to your division outlining some basic things to know.  However, since my email address is vprec@oshawablueknights.cax I want to make sure my emails don't end up in your junk folder and you miss out on timely information.  So please check your junk folder if you didn't get anything from me yet.  If there is email in there, moving it to your inbox should fix the problem, or use the method as recommended by your email program.

If you have any questions, please use my vprec@oshawablueknights.cax email address.  Please do not use any other address, even if you have it from last year!  :)

(because I am trying to avoid content scrapes by shadowy nefarious forces, copy the email address above and remove the x from the end)

Thanks!  And check your mail!

Todd Powless
VP Rec Lacrosse
Oshawa Blue Knights