Try Lacrosse - Open Floor - Tuesday, November 22nd, 6-8 PM

Reminder that this Tuesday, November 22nd, we will host a Try Lacrosse/Open Floor session at Children's Arena from 6 PM to 8 PM

Oshawa Blue Knights are please to offer Try Lacrosse & open floor at Children’s Arena from on Tuesday, November 22nd, from 6-8 PM. I will be there to host the Try Lacrosse/Skills Development sessions on the south half of the floor, closest to the lobby. The north half of the floor will be open to anyone that wants to come and throw the ball around, play wall ball, shoot on the net. (there will be no shooter tutors, sorry).

  • Players under the age of 18 MUST be wearing a suitable helmet & should have gloves of some sort, hockey gloves will be fine;
  • We will have loaner sticks available for new players;
  • For open floor, you must bring your own stick and ball

Here is the rough schedule:

6 PM – U7/U9 – ages 5 to 8 

7 PM – U11/13 – ages 9 to 12

IMPORTANT! Please note that if any player wants to come out for the open floor, I am not going to be too restrictive on age, I just suggest that the older players be respectful of the space while younger players are on the floor.

Here is the schedule for the remaining session this year:

Tuesday, December 6th, 6-8 PM (Try Lacrosse – Open Floor) GIRLS & U15/U17