Rebates and Discounts!

Good news OBK!

Oshawa Minor Lacrosse is proud to announce the establishment of a Volunteer Rebate Program.  Volunteers with the recreational lacrosse program (aka City League) will qualify for a rebate up to 25% of a regular registration. (first come, first served, only one rebate per family, and rebates cannot be combine)  Here is a list of what's on offer:

City League Convenor - 25%
City League Coach - 20%
City League Asst. Coach - 15%
City League Trainer - 15%

Volunteers are the backbone of minor sports and your club's volunteer philosophy is recruit, reward, and retain.

You can find more information about our Volunteer Positions & Volunteer Rebate Policy under the Recreational Lacrosse menu above.

In addition, Oshawa Minor Lacrosse has implemented a 10% discount for families signing up two or more children!.  If you have signed up more than one child, please email the  We will process your discount at the end of the season.