Oshawa Minor Lacrosse Association AGM


You are invited to attend Oshawa Minor Lacrosse Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The AGM is a chance for members to review all the programs that ran in the period since the prior AGM, voice concerns and recommend improvements, vote on proposed by-law amendments and participate in the election of candidates seeking Board positions.

This year we were faced with an unprecedented set of circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our AGM will also reflect that. Despite having fewer programs to recap, we will still be reviewing our finances and elect members to fill our Board positions in preparation for next year. We have always held an in-person AGM, so we ask for your patience and support as we make the necessary transition to a virtual AGM for 2021.

To participate in the virtual AGM, you will be required to PRE-REGISTER (registration closed) by Monday, November 8th at 11:59 pm EDT.

OMLA Members (defined by the Bylaws are composed of all registrants in good standing, plus all volunteers (e.g. coaches, managers, board members)) are eligible to participate in the AGM and vote in the Board elections. Please note that each member will be required to register for the AGM separately (i.e. both parents of one player are eligible to vote individually) and will need to log into the proceedings with their own unique link, rather than sharing access with another Member.

Please complete the registration form to register. A unique Zoom link will be sent to registered individual Members on the morning prior to the AGM and will include all voting instructions.

The following Board positions are currently up for election. The Board encourages anyone interested in any of the available positions listed below to run. Descriptions/responsibilities of Board positions can be found below:

Positions Up For Election (Brief description included)

President – (2 years) Chair all OMLA meetings; oversee the Associations business & report at each meeting; represent the association at the OLA AGM; be the main contact person for all matters dealing with the OLA; signing officer of the OMLA; oversee all committees of the Baard; work with the Secretary on OMLA documentation; etc.

Vice President - (2 years) Responsible for all aspects of Association operations; participate in Executive, Budget, Dispute and Appeals committees; represent the President in absences; report at each board meeting; duties as assigned by the President; etc. 

VP of Rep – (1 year remaining in term) Responsible for OMLA Rep Program; appoint convenors & team officials for Rep games; ensure rep teams documentation is submitted to Registrar; chair Rep teams Coaches Selection Committee; participate in Executive, Budget, Release, Disciplinary & Tournament committees; act as a liaison between OMLA & Jr Lacrosse programs in Durham; report at each board meeting & AGM; etc.

Registrar – (1 year remaining in term) Responsible for OMLA annual registration & submitting registrations of OMLA with the OLA; Act as associations Privacy Officer; Responsible for registering all members as needed for insurance, etc.

Treasurer – (1 year remaining in term) Responsible for financial account of OMLA & ensure adherence to accounting principles; prepare yearend financial statements for annual tax returns; evaluate, review and recommend financial policy to the Executive; chair the Budget Committee; signing officer; report at each board meeting & AGM; etc

Referee in Chief – (1 year remaining in term) Chairs the Disciplinary Committee; Ensure all home games have Referees; responsible for officials and instruction & education, etc.

Director of Coaching – (1 year) Develop & maintain OMLA Coaches Manual; Develop & deliver OMLA Coaches Clinics; participate in Coaches Selection, Disputes & Appeals Committees, etc. 

Director of Facilities – (1 year) Co-ordinate all floor time requirements for OMLA (indoor & outdoor); work with VPs of Rep & Box to establish the floor time needed for each team / division & establish team schedules, etc.

Director of Promotion / Sponsorship & Fundraising – (1 year) Responsible for all aspects of sponsorship for Rep, HL & Tournament; assist Treasurer with developing the Fundraising & Advertising Budget; book advertisements; develop graphic designs for advertising; manage Swag Store, etc.

Director of House League – (1 year) Responsible for operation of Paperweight, Tyke & Novice HL divisions; assist VP of HL with duties as requested, etc.

Director of Field - (1 year) Responsible for Rep teams participating in Field Lacrosse Programs; Participate in Coaches Selection Committee; Ensure documentation is completed & distributed to correct parties by OLA deadlines; etc. 

Director of Box – (1 year) Participate in Coaches Selection Committee; Assist VP of Rep with duties as requested.

Director of Equipment – (1 year) Responsible for equipment purchases, assignments, storage distribution & pickup; obtain quotes & prepare orders as required by OMLA; responsible for cleaning & safe keeping of Jerseys & equipment; responsible for trophy/banner purchase, care & control; Assist Treasurer with development of equipment budget, etc.

Director of Governance – (1 year) Evaluate, review & recommend policy to the board; present Constitution & By-Law amendments to Board & at AGM; etc.

Director @ Large x2 - (1 year) Assist OMLA Board in projects; volunteer at OMLA tournaments, HL champ day; assist with in-person registrations & parade floats; assist with soliciting volunteers for various roles, etc. 

We look forward to you joining us on-line and considering becoming involved in with Oshawa Minor Lacrosse Association!

Don't forget to register at the AGM Registration page. 

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2019 OMLA AGM Minutes
2020 OMLA AGM Agenda