OMFLL is back! And so are your Blue Knights!

For the first time since 2019, the Ontario Minor Field Lacrosse League is back in action and so are your Oshawa Blue Knights.  So far we are doing quite well!

U13 is sitting in second place in their division at 5-1.  Burlington is 6-0, but they play OBK on Saturday afternoon.

U15 is top-10, but are running hot-cold, which is often the nature of minor field lacrosse.  Once they get a few more games under their belts, they'll be tough on every team.

U17 Oshawa 1, to no one's surprise, is 6-0 and tied for the top of the standings with Oakville.  Their game against Oakville this coming Sunday is going to be a lot of fun!

U17 Oshawa 2 is holding their own, hot-cold as well.  A close game against the Boro at Cherry Beach is a good sign for this team!

The OMFLL provincials are coming up on the May long weekend, with the U13s finals on Sunday, and the U15 & U17 finals on Monday, Victoria Day.

You can get our teams latest scores by clicking the Rep Lacrosse menu above and then selecting Field Lacrosse Scores and Standings.

Stay tuned for more news about your Oshawa Blue Knights!