Game On!

We've missed lacrosse - no doubt - but that is about to change!

Ontario Premiere Doug Ford announced the transition of some regions into Stage 3.  This means outdoor sports, including lacrosse, are back on the table.  Even though the Durham Region hasn't been declared Stage 3 yet, we anticipate this happening very soon.  Therefore the club is quickly putting together a summer program dependent on the timing of the Stage 3 announcement for Durham.

Keep in mind we have significant pandemic-related issues to overcome, including how to put together a program that includes safe social hygiene, social distancing, disinfection, etc.  This is what we are thinking so far:  a modified 7v7 field program for two divisions in each age category: Select (rep and advances players) and Club (recreational players).  The idea is to have as many weeks of games as we can and end the season with a tournament for all players.

We still have many details to work out, so keep an eye on this site for more information around registering for this program.

It's finally going to be lacrosse season!