2022 - The Rebuild is on!

The past two years have seen your minor lacrosse club face some daunting challenges on top of those forced on us by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  To those that helped us keep minor lacrosse moving in 2020 & 2021 we are indebted to your loyalty and care, to your dedication to the funnest sport this side of of the sun.  


2022 is here and we are now open for business.  We are rebuilding and our focus going forward in on our recreational house league City League.  (See the above Recreational Lacrosse menu link above).  We were once told, by a wise old minor lacrosse organizer, "Take care of house league, rep will take care of itself."  

This does not mean - in any shape or form - that Rep lacrosse is any less important - GO OSHAWA GO!! - but we need to develop our rec programs to develop future rep players.  City League will focus on player skill development, fun, and friendships.  Truly lacrosse is THE funnest sport this side of the universe!  We need lots of kids to see it that way.

We are looking for volunteers for our City League program, and there is a rebate program coming to incentivize that  aspect of minor lacrosse.  Stay tuned for more details to be release short.

In the meantime, could we ask that - if possible - you copy the following flyer and share widely so that kids and their parents in Oshawa know that we are still here providing a place for kids to play the funnest sport here in their own hometown.

2022 Season Promotional Flyer - PNG (picture) Format

2022 Season Promotional Flyer - PDF Format