2021 Summer RTA Concludes

There were a lot of sweaty players, big and little, Saturday at Donevan Rec with the conclusion of the 2021 Summer RTA.  After spending the previous 8 weeks on the field, it was nice to get back into the arena and on that floor! #webeatcovid

First up were our very talented U5 Peanut group! Lots of smiles after getting on the floor for the first time since the spring lockdown.  It is amazing to think that some of these kids have spent almost half their lives in a pandemic!  Its amazing still to see them easily pick up lacrosse skills.  Hungry Hippo experts!!
Then the clever U7 Paperweights hit the half-floor for a spirited game that was too close to call!  Lots of cheering from the stands.  But in the end, the score doesn't really matter that much when you are playing with your new friends.  Akweks would approve!

This year we had an enthusiastic combined U9Tyke & U11 Novice group play an everyone-on full-floor game.  It may have took a few runs to shake the bugs out, but once they got going playing box lacrosse, it was game on!The a dedicatedU13 Peewee & U15 Bantam group was missing a lot of players, but those that showed had a great time playing their parents.  In order to even things out Green Gaels Quinn Hyland and Cal Lenathen stepped in to help some of the parents take a break. No dads were harmed in the making of this game.In the afternoon the Green Gaels helped us close out the 2021 season with an excellent Green and White prospect games. The guys were playing for keeps!  The game was well attended and was close until the third.  It was great to see the team on the floor this year!  A BIG THANK YOU to Doug Luey and the Green Gaels staff and players for putting this treat together for us!

A HUGE thank you for everyone in helping us make our 2021 Summer RTA a big success!  #webeatcovid