2021 RTA Pre-Registration!

Below is the link to our 2021 Return to Activity (RTA) ‘pre-registration’ form. We are waiting for the Ontario Lacrosse Association to release their RTA document so we may finalize ours. Currently each coloured provincial ‘zone’ designation has certain restrictions on team sports, which we will work through with the City, but we hope to have our plans ready in the next week or two. 

What we are looking for is to gauge the interest in our programs this year which may include both indoor and outdoor activities and games. Since we may have to limit participation it is important that you register your interest as soon as possible.

Unfortunately it looks like participants will be restricted to Oshawa residents only, but if you do not reside in Oshawa, register anyways since the provincial restrictions may change over the course of the spring/summer; if so, your player will have a place with us.

Here is the 2021 RTA pre-registration form: https://forms.gle/tiE1Di1qA71Pzyo9A

Thanks and see you at the rink soon!